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ATS-360(2 Speakers)

ATS-360(2 Speakers)


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Product Description

These omni-directional outdoor speakers are designed for applications where smooth coverage, hidden audio is required. Rugged and built to be buried in any terrain, Mushroom® Speakers provide a music source that blends into the land- scape. The sound radiates in a complete circle, creating a uni- form 360° audio field without loud or dead spots.

The ATS-360 is a high-efficiency, high-reliability model suitable for most low-powered residential and commercial music and paging applications. Enclosures carry a full five-year warranty, limited warranty on speakers.

The cost of this product is for 2 speakers.

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Product Specs

Speaker 8 Inch Full Range Speaker with integral Grill
Enclosure Green , Polyethylene, UV resistant
Connections 10 Ft – Direct Burial Cable Whip, Conduit Fitting
Direct Connections 8 Ohm Via Jumper
70V Amplifier Connection 4W,8W,16W Selectable
100V Amplifier Connection 8W,16W, 32W Selectable
Sound Power Rating 50 Watts
1 W 1 M Sensitivity @ 1 kHz 85 dB
Maximum Rated Output @ 1 M 103 dB
Frequency Response (-10) 45Hz - 9.5KHz
Loudspeaker Warranty 3 Years in Normal use, Direct water Spray excluded, avoid placement next to Sprinklers
Enclosure Warranty 10 Years–We have enclosure products installed and operational for over 30 years
ATS-360 (Includes 2 Speakers)

Part Numbers

ATS-360GT16 – Background Music Mushroom Speaker 8 Ohm / 70V&100V
ATS-360-SPKR Replacement Speaker for ATS-360. Perforated Grill inverted.
ATS-360-SPKR T8- Legacy speaker  with 2,4 8 Watt 70Volt Transformer
ATS-360-SPKR T16 - Speaker with 4,8,16 Watt 70/100 Volt Transformer
 ATS-360G Lid –Green Lid
ATS-360G –ENC – Enclosure Bottom – Green