Evolac Loudspeaker

Product Description

The EV 75 is a “Best in Class” Full range tactile audio transducer that provides excellent performance for special applications where an invisible sound source is needed.

This audio-tactile transducer can be attached to many types of surfaces to create a simulation of a loudspeaker that has no “apparent” source. The quality of sound from this approach will be dependent upon the surface and loudness level needed. Best applications are in areas where background music is needed, or to create a presence of sound effects or noise masking.

The EVOLAC EV75 transducer is supplied with a flange, a fixation nut and a 3 meter cable with a special locking connector that ensures a good connection once the transducer is built into a wall, on furniture, etc.

Product Specs

Voice Coil 40mm
Stroke ±3mm
40W / Impedance: 8 Ohm
Moving Mass Approximately 170gr
Total weight 230gr
Dimensions Diameter 67mm / Height including pin 48,5mm / maximum width: 84mm
Usable bandwidth 30- 15000 Hz (depending on surface)
Mounting M6x10 thread pin
Connection Sealed 2.pin connector
IP rating IP44

Part Numbers

EV 75