Novasonar Boxer 100-2A

Product Description

The Novasonar Boxer 100-2A is the ideal  invisible subwoofer extension for all Novasonar flat-panel loudspeakers. It can be directly screwed to the substructure of the drywalls or ceilings without any additional retaining brackets, and can then be smoothed flush with it.

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Product Specs

Manufacturer ML Audio+Carbons GmbH
Brand Name Novasonar Boxer 100-2A Subwoofer
Dimensions 500 mm x 625 mm x 12,5 (86) mm
Weight 11 kg
Frequency Response 38 Hz – 200 Hz
Dispersion Angle 180° x 180°
Power Handling 2x100 watts RMS
Sensitivity 82 dB 1 watts / 1 meter
Impedance 2 x 5 Ohms
Connections 2 x Input Pair Bare Cable (L&R) 2x Pass through Output (L&R)
Face Materials Gypsum Plaster Board (others available upon request)

Part Numbers

Novasonar Boxer 100-2A