Novasonar Dynamic 60

Product Description

The Novasonar Flat Panel Interior invisible speakers from ML Audio are developed for construction into walls where the designer wants to Hear but not See the sound.  Premium German design and performance offer the best sound quality in its class, and very easy installation.

This flat-panel invisible loudspeaker is developed on the principle of the bending-wave transducer. It has a flat-panel membrane that is caused to vibrate by an exciter mounted on the rear.

This offers the simplest, non-visible integration in drywall construction. The loudspeaker comprises a commercial gypsum plaster board reconstructed to form a flat-panel loudspeaker which is screwed to the existing substructure like a conventional gypsum plaster board. There is no need to fill or smooth the loudspeaker membrane. The frame has a particularly robust design to minimize membrane vibrations to the surrounding structure.

Special Configurations and Sizes can be quoted.

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Product Specs

Manufacturer ML Audio+Carbons GmbH
Brand Name Novasonar DYNAMIC 60
Dimensions 500 mm x 625 mm x 12,5 (44) mm
Frequency Response 80 Hz – 18000 Hz
Dispersion Angle 180° x 180°
Power Handling 60 W / 6 Ohm
Sensitivity 92 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Max. SPL 108 dB (1 m)

Part Numbers

Novasonar Dynamic 60