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These rugged outdoor speakers are specifically designed for Commercial Foreground Music applications.

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ATS-360(2 Speakers)

These omni-directional, high-reliability landscape speakers are used for smooth coverage, hidden, background audio.

The cost of this product is for 2 speakers.

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ATS-360 Plus
(2 Speakers)

The ATS-360GT Plus is an extended range, two-way speaker model designed for Foreground Music.

The cost of this product is for 2 speakers.

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Novasonar Dynamic 60

The Novasonar Flat Panel Interior invisible speakers from ML Audio are developed for construction into walls where the designer wants to Hear but not See the sound.

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Novasonar Boxer 100-2A

The Novasonar Boxer 100-2A is the ideal invisible subwoofer extension for all Novasonar flat-panel loudspeakers.

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Evolac Loudspeaker

The Evolac Invisible Tactile Loudspeaker (EV 75) is a “Best in Class” Full range tactile audio transducer that provides excellent performance for special applications where an invisible sound source is needed.

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